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The ABCs of Human Survival examines the impression of militant nationalism and the lawlessness of robust states at the health and wellbeing of people and native groups and the fundamental function of world citizenship inside that dynamic. according to the research of global occasions, Dr. Arthur Clark offers militant nationalism as a pathological trend of pondering that threatens our safety, whereas emphasizing powerful democracy and overseas legislations as crucial frameworks for human security. in the contexts of historical past, sociology, philosophy, and spirituality, The ABCs of Human Survival calls into query the assumptions of buyer tradition and gives, in its place, thoughts to enhance total wellbeing and fitness throughout the vital offerings we make as participants.

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This is evident in the speed and comfort with which the church in Germany accommodated the policies of the Nazi regime and in the support for militant nationalism that comes from evangelical Christianity in the United States today. At the apex of all this very human pathology is warfare, and the warfare system that sustains it. Warfare is a disease in the same sense that cancer or HIV/AIDS is a disease: it destroys human life and health. Militant nationalism rejects this self-evident interpretation, substituting very different interpretations designed to sustain the warfare system.

A rule of law depends on respect for the inherent justice of the law and on justice in its implementation. No police or army can long enforce a law that is self-negating. There can be no rule of law if the most powerful can violate the law with impunity or if the law is applied in ways that violate its most fundamental principles and purposes. Democracy and law are interdependent. An effective democracy is the only reliable enforcer for international law. International law is the guarantor and guideline of effective democracy.

Responsible global citizenship requires not only understanding that we are contributing to the problem but also an ongoing inquiry into how we are contributing to the problem. As we pursue this understanding and inquiry, we progressively enhance our ability to help solve the problem. 3. Warfare is pathological. Warfare ravages human beings physically and psychologically. The causes of this pathology include multiple interrelated factors: environmental, political, economic, cultural/ideological, social/psychological, and others.

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