Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 38 by Robert L. Snyder, Bin-Jiang Chen (auth.), Paul K. PDF

By Robert L. Snyder, Bin-Jiang Chen (auth.), Paul K. Predecki, D. Keith Bowen, John V. Gilfrich, Charles C. Goldsmith, Ting C. Huang, Ron Jenkins, I. Cev Noyan, Deane K. Smith (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0306450453

ISBN-13: 9780306450457

ISBN-10: 1461517974

ISBN-13: 9781461517979

Exact Modeling of measurement and pressure Broadening within the Rietveld Refinement: The 'DoubleVoigt' method (D. Balzar). In vivo Xray Fluorescence of Lead and different poisonous hint components (D.R. Chettle). Xray Diffraction research of PM10 Aerosols Extracted by way of Ultrasound (B.L. Davis, H. Chen). overall Electron Yield (TEY): a brand new process for Quantitative Xray research (H. Ebel). Manufacture and Use of developing Samples (F.R. Feret). utilized Crystallography within the Scanning Electron Microscope utilizing a CCD Detector (R.P. Goehner, J.R. Michael). hint research by way of TXRF (R.S. Hockett). An in situ XRD strategy for Annealing Investigations (D.E. Hoylman, S.C. Axtell). edition of the EGS4 Monte Carlo Code for the layout of a Polarized resource for Xray Fluorescence research of Platinum and different Heavy Metals in vivo (D.G. Lewis). 3D Graphing of XRF Matrix Correction Equations (A.J. Klimasara). Environmental components Contributing to the physique Burden of Lead as made up our minds by way of in vivo Xray Fluorescence (S.J.S. Ryde). research of Residual Stresses in a Sleeve Coldworked Lug Specimen via Neutron and Xray Diffraction (R. Lin). Picosecond Xray Diffraction: process and functions (P.M. Rentzepis). The Characterization of Microtexture through Orientation Mapping (R.A. Schwarzer). seventy nine extra articles. Index.

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Phys. Lett. 52[24] 2074-6 (1988). 3. S. Jin, T. H. Tiefel, R C. Sherwood, R B. van Dover, M. E. Davis, G. W. Kammlott, "Melt-textured growth of polycrystalline YBazCu307°o with high transport Je at 77 K," Phys. Rev. B. Condens. Matter 37 7850-3 (1988). 4. K. Salama, V. Selvamanickam, L. Gao, and K. Sun, "High current density in bulk YBazCu30x superconductor," Appl. Phys. Lett. 54[23] 2352-4 (1989). 5. 1. Kase, J. Shimoyama, E. Yanagisawa, S. Kondoh, T. Matsubara, T. Morimoto, and M. Suzuki, "Preparation of Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductors with high critical current density by unidirectional melt solidification," lpn.

M obtained by metallography after the scattering experiments were finished. Since this grain diameter is typical of Waspaloy, the intensity method can only be applied to provide accurate temperature measurement if methods are found to increase the number of grains sampled. Time-of-flight diffraction, which uses a white beam, would sample all (hkl) reflections simultaneously and an appropriate average could be made over all orientations of grains within the sampling volume. The thermal strain method gave a very satisfactory way of measuring the radial temperature gradient between the rim of the disc and the shaft when the heater element was activated as shown in Fig.

American Ceramic Society, Westerville, OH, 1988. 15. B. Lee and D. N. Lee, "Thermodynamic evaluation for the Yz03-BaO-CuOx system," l. Am. Ceram. , 74[1] 78-84 (1991). 16. K. W. Lay and G. M. Renlund, "Oxygen pressure effect on the Yz03-BaO-CuO liquidus," 1. Am. Ceram. Soc. 73[5] 1208-13 (1990). 17. D. P. Matheis, S. T. Misture and R. L. Snyder, "Melt-Texture Processing and High-Temperature Reactions of Bi-2212 Thick Films ," Physica C 217 [3&4]319-325 (1993). 18. R. L. Snyder, "The Use of Reference Intensity Ratios in X-ray Quantitative Analysis," Powder Diffraction, 7[4] 186-193 (1992).

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Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 38 by Robert L. Snyder, Bin-Jiang Chen (auth.), Paul K. Predecki, D. Keith Bowen, John V. Gilfrich, Charles C. Goldsmith, Ting C. Huang, Ron Jenkins, I. Cev Noyan, Deane K. Smith (eds.)

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