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By C. W. Rose, W. Ashhurst and H. T. Flint (Auth.)

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If wind speeds are at least moderate and the sky covered with cloud, temperature gradients between ground and air and in the air itself are low, and approach the adiabatic lapse rate. The atmosphere is thus very close to a condition of neutral static stability, which exhibits behaviour simpler to analyse than that to be described in the next paragraph. Under these conditions PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF AGRICULTURE 51 atmospheric turbulence is almost entirely due to friction with the ground, and is referred to as forced, mechanical or frictional turbulence.

Consider temperature profile D in Fig. 15, in which the temperature gradient dT/dz is (numerically) greater than the adiabatic lapse rate. Any upward displacement of a volume of air in such conditions (indicated by Δζ) results in its being at a higher temperature and therefore lower density than its surroundings. There is thus a buoyancy force tending to continue such an ascent, and a temperature profile such as D 42 AGRICULTURAL PHYSICS indicates that the atmosphere is statically unstable. Similar consideration of a vertically displaced volume when dT/dz is numerically less than the adiabatic lapse (profile N, Fig.

FORCED AND CONVECTIVE TURBULENCE Friction between the ground and moving air is not due to viscosity or to eddy shearing stresses, or is only negligibly so. The reason for it is the same as for the resistance experienced by a cyclist. The flow around any bluff (or non-streamlined) body is such that the air pressure is greater in front than behind the body, resulting in a force opposing the motion. This is an example of a drag force, and is referred to as form (or pressure) drag, since its magnitude depends on the form or shape of the body.

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