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By Samuel Willard Crompton

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News of the victory was brought to Athens by Pheidippides. He had fought in the battle and then ran 26 miles back to the city. Pheidippides died immediately after bursting through the city gate and delivering the news. The modern “marathon” of 26 miles comes from his dramatic run. Athens and Thebes held major victory celebrations. The Spartan warriors, who arrived late, had to go home without having won any laurels. C. The throne went to his son Xerxes, who planned a major invasion of Greece to avenge the defeat at Marathon.

Alexander set out from Persepolis. He now had one simple goal: to find and capture Darius. Though he had been defeated in battle, lost his palaces and his treasury, the King of Kings remained an important symbol. Alexander’s victory would not be complete until Darius was his. Alexander left 3,000 Macedonians under Parmenion to guard the palaces at Susa and Persepolis. The tiny size of this force indicates how thorough Alexander’s conquest had been: resistance had evaporated in the face of his victories and his growing legend.

They arrived at Athens in early September, but found the city largely deserted. Under the guidance of a magistrate named Themistocles, the Athenians had evacuated their city and moved by ship to the nearby island of Salamis. Xerxes celebrated his triumph by burning large sections of Athens. The Acropolis was scarred, but not ruined. Xerxes then had his throne set up on a mountain so he could observe the upcoming fight between the Persian and Athenian fleets in the Bay of Salamis. The Persians had a greater number of ships, and those ships were manned by the Phoenicians, considered the best sailors of the time.

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