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Complicated and risky, in 922 BC the dominion of old Israel used to be divided into Judah, within the South, and Israel, within the North. For the following two hundred years, there has been virtually consistent warring among those kingdoms and their pals. those sour feuds ultimately resulted in the cave in of Israel, leaving Judah as a surviving country till the emergence of the Babylonian Empire, the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC, and the exile of the Jewish people.Using historic Jewish, Biblical, and different modern assets, this identify examines the politics, battling, and results of Israel's battles in this interval. targeting the turbulent courting among the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, this e-book explains Israel's advanced, frequently bloody, overseas coverage, and gives a definitive historical past of those historical conflicts.

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Sennacherib then invaded southwestern Judah. Archeological evidence of destruction is present at cities like Ramet Rahel, Beth-Shemesh, Beersheba, and Gezer. The Assyrians claim to have captured 46 cities and exiled 200,150 people, although this number seems too large for the geographical area. The siege and capture of Lachish was the most significant accomplishment of the The fighti ng ISENNACHERIB ~ MEDITERRANEAN SEA Battles a combined Egyptian and Ethiopian force near Eltekeh. "'67 Sennacherib apparently refused this offer and dispatched a contingent of soldiers led by the "Rabshakeh," an Assyrian diplomatic spokesperson, to place Jerusalem under siege and force its surrender.

58 There is no pharaoh known by this name, but it is likely to be a reference to Tefnakht, ruler of the city of Sais, who had come to control virtually the entire Delta a decade earlier. In response, Shalmaneser V led the Assyrian army into the west by 725 with the primary aim of besieging Tyre. Probably at some point during this campaign, Shalmaneser V captured Samaria and imprisoned Hoshea. 59 The Babylonian Chronicle, for example, says Shalmaneser V ravaged Samaria, a reference that may belong to this campaign.

He also instituted a new policy of relocating conquered peoples, annexing conquered kingdoms as imperial provinces, and establishing permanent military bases in conquered areas. Tiglath-pileser came west in 743, and established the region around Arpad as a base for a four-year campaign throughout northern Syria. During this campaign, Assyrian texts note that Tiglath-pileser received tribute from Syro-Palestinian kings including Tubail of Tyre, Menahem of Israel, and even Rezin of Damascus. These payments were probably offered only as nominal tribute designed to avoid direct confrontation, since Tiglath-pileser was not yet moving into southern Syria.

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