Armies of Bactria 700BC-450AD by Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander PDF

By Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander Sil'nov

ISBN-10: 1874101108

ISBN-13: 9781874101109

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Theoderic I now became the Goths’ king, making his headquarters the city of Toulouse. As his people established themselves in their new territory, they came to be known by a new name: the Visigoths. ” It was a proud name for a people who were achieving both security and power. Under Theoderic’s leadership, the Visigothic domain came to be an almost completely independent kingdom within the Western Empire. In return for their land grant, the Visigoths were expected to defend the empire from its enemies.

Later that year the couple had a son, whom they named Theodosius after Placidia’s father. Since Honorius had no children, Athaulf and Placidia’s child could be regarded as the rightful heir to the West Roman throne. This dream was never realized. Young Theodosius died in early 415. He was buried in Barcelona, Spain, because the Roman general Flavius Constantius had cut off the Goths’ access to supplies and forced them out of Gaul. Some of the Goths began to lose confidence in Athaulf, and that summer he was assassinated.

By then Alaric was tired of waiting for action. His men were restless—they had not received the pay promised by Stilicho, and they had already pillaged the surrounding region too much to get any more supplies from it. So Alaric led them into Noricum (modern Austria) and sent a message to Stilicho. He demanded four thousand pounds of gold, or he would invade Italy. Stilicho decided to make the payment, but he was fast losing power. In May 408 the Western emperor Honorius had him arrested and executed.

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Armies of Bactria 700BC-450AD by Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander Sil'nov

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