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By Redford, Donald B. & Collins, John J. & Dever, William G. & McCarter Jr., P. Kyle

ISBN-10: 1935335839

ISBN-13: 9781935335832

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4 When mentioned at all, these cults were condemned by the southern Israelite writers and editors of the Bible, who were loyal to the Temple in Jerusalem. E. The site was excavated by Père Roland de Vaux from 1946 to 1960. Just inside the city gate is a massebah and an olive press—no doubt part of the “gate-shrine” referred to in the Bible. E. female figurines (some of the earliest known Asherah figurines) and a terracotta naos. This naos, to judge from other contemporaneous examples, would have had a deity, or a pair of deities, standing in the doorway; one of them would have been Asherah, the Canaanite mother goddess.

As though to confirm Aharoni’s theory, a large krater (a two-handled pot) found nearby is inscribed in Hebrew, qōdesh, which means “sacred” or “set apart” (for cultic use). The Beersheba finds are the first actual archaeological evidence confirming the religious reforms of Judahite kings. 11 Arad The Holy of Holies of the temple to Yahweh at Arad. Hershel Shanks Not far to the east of Beersheba is Arad, a small Judahite hilltop fortress and sanctuary also excavated by Aharoni. E. phases remain controversial because of faulty excavation methods and the lack of final reports.

Interpretations have veered wildly; some consider him a woman in disguise, while others describe him as a eunuch brought back from the Sudan. Another interpretation is that Akhenaten suffered from a congenital ailment; the chief candidate has been Froehlich’s syndrome—but that poses more problems than it solves. The most recent suggestion is that Akhenaten suffered from Marfan’s syndrome. The ocular, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal defects of this syndrome indeed match Akhenaten to a T. But this suggestion poses more problems than it solves.

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