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But without such an admission the official preaching of Christianity, by giving itself out to be the Christianity of the New Testament, is—unconsciously or wellmeaningly—an illusion. Christianity cannot be well served by calling this sort of thing Christianity, with the implication that it is the Christianity of the New Testament; and Christianly the congregation cannot be well served thereby, for it fails to observe what Christianity according to the New Testament is. Feast of the Annunciation O thou, whosoever thou art under whose eye this falls—when I read in the New Testament the life of our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth, and see what he meant by being a Christian—and when I reflect that now we are Christians by the millions, just as many Christians as we are men, that from generation to generation Christians by the millions are handed over for inspection by eternity—frightful!

In "the public" there is no individual, the whole is nothing. " Did Kierkegaard tell us what this "more" is ? Not explicitly. But hints there are. The most important one is tucked away in a footnote in the Postscript, p. 492. , consciousness of) his total guilt. But now, what if he retreats in cowardly fashion from this consciousness? What if, to exonerate himself, he takes refuge in a doctrine of Original Sin, as popularly misunderstood? Or what if he flees to a Greek tragic position to complain whimperingly: I couldn't help myself.

Postscript This article, as one can see from the date, has lain [unpublished] for a considerable time. So long as there was question of appointment to the episcopal see of Seeland,3 I thought that I ought to say nothing publically concerning Professor Martensen; for whether he were to become bishop or not, in any case he was a candidate for this office, and presumably desired that so long as this situation lasted as little as possible should happen concerning him. With Professor Martensen's nomination as bishop this consideration lapsed.

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