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By John Crowley

ISBN-10: 0575071435

ISBN-13: 9780575071438

Painter is a leo - half guy, half lion - the results of one in all man's genetic experiments, a robust, appealing, enigmatic creature deemed a 'failure' to be be hunted down. yet Painter has benefits during this global of small bickering country states and political lodging and compromise: his personal power and integrity, and the guile of Reynard, one other of man's experiments, a refined and powerful intriguer, a king-maker...

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And yet the air was troubled by its mass; stuck up into the sea of air like an immense stirring-rod, it could raise and distort winds wildly. Once a year or so a vast pane of amber-tinted glass, faultily made, was sucked by wind from its place and went sailing out over the Preserve for hundreds of yards before it landed. When that happened, they went out and found it, every splinter, and brought it back, and melted it, and used it again. But they couldn't cease troubling the air. A building a half mile broad and nearly as high, set amid rolling hills of grass, will do that; and it was not only Meric who felt bad about that, and as it were begged Wind's pardon.

He was about to fling his arms up before his face and cry out the nightmare-breaking cry, when the leo stopped and with an odd gentleness took the telephoto lens out of his hand. He looked at it carefully, batting a fly from before his face with a ponderous motion. Then he gave it back. "It's nothing," Meric said. " The leo was close enough now for Meric to hear the faint whistle of air drawn regularly through his narrow nostrils; near enough to smell him. The smell, like the face, was alien, intensely real, and yet not anything he had expected: not monstrous.

The oddness of it was so great as to be unfeelable. " Painter asked. "I'll hide," Reynard said. "Somewhere. There's a limit to how far they can pursue me here, in this dependency. " "I'll go south," Painter said. "My family. " Reynard looked from Painter to Caddie and back again. "Just south of the border is the Genesis Preserve," he said. "Good hunting. No one can harm you there. " He looked at Caddie. " he said. "South," she said. " 4 GO TO THE ANT, THOU SLUGGARD; CONSIDER HER WAYS, AND BE WISE If they had lived on one of the lowest levels, the sun would already be setting for them; and down on the ground, only a few empurpled clouds would have been seen in a sky of lapidary clarity -- if there had been anyone down on the ground to see them, and there wasn't, not for nearly a thousand square miles, which was the extent of Genesis Preserve.

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