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By William J. Grabowski

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An exploration of anomalous aerial phenomena (popularly referred to as UFOs), and what seem to be linked effects--"entity" sightings and obvious interactions; "poltergeist" task; extraordinary electromagnetic intrusions related to phones, TVs, desktops, or even our minds. bringing up either historic and present-day debts, Grabowski humanizes disturbing--occasionally shocking--material by way of by no means ignoring its influence on witnesses. a real unknown element at the back of our lives...and speculations that we're jointly taking part with it, projecting desires, melancholy, terror, and wish onto what can be finally printed because the driving force in the back of evolution--physical, non secular, and social. "[BLACK mild] is a heck of a bit of work!" --George Knapp, Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter (KLAS/CBS-TV)

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This chapter, though based on extant material, will not be a simple rehash. While I cannot claim to have reviewed all published (and filmed) material, I am confident that I've come close, since much cross-over exists in the data. Too, I have visited Point Pleasant a number of times, conversed with many residents (including some who witnessed UFO and/or paranormal occurrences), and explored much of the area covered in this book. For those unfamiliar with the events, a recitation of the most well-known incident is called for.

But the hidden level, which was difficult to get at and usually took several hypnotic sessions before it could be reached, rejected the false memory (confabulation) and painted a different picture. Most of these contactees had been transported to a van or house where they were subjected to brain-washing techniques and injected with an unknown substance. They were given a confabulation to remember and were released. “But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find out who was doing this. The whole contactee syndrome was a fraud, but the contactees were innocent victims.

For what it’s worth, these early accounts charge me with a sense of witnesses’ authentic encounters with anomalous aerial vehicles. 7. Despite claimed official (however hard to find and ambiguous) denial of such technology, I feel forced to say that they did not have anything in the air so advanced. Obviously I could be wrong. 8. Much has been claimed about at least American technology that what the public sees is 15 years behind actual state-of-the art. 9. If this is so, why has said-technology not (to public knowledge) been used against very visible, media-covered enemies?

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