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By Roland Hess

Brief animation initiatives are formidable and time-consuming, yet with a great plan and toolset, they are often highly lucrative. Blender professional Roland Hess gets you in control on lively brief basics, together with writing, storyboarding, blockading, and personality construction. This follow-up of Blender Foundations will introduce the extra complex functionalities of Blender, equivalent to the Library and Linking approach, physics simulators, the built-in compositor, and the series Editor. If that wasn’t adequate, this tutorial-based publication also will have you ever create a brief animation from scratch, making you a grasp of the Blender toolkit very quickly

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To streamline production and render times on anything but the simplest of projects, you will have many scene files, and they will need a way to efficiently reference the same set of assets. Using absolute disk paths will work if you plan to never move the project from the hard drive on your own computer. However, if there is a possibility that you may want to work on the project in more than one location or that you may someday archive the production files to disk and want to resurrect them in the future, you must use relative paths.

Whether it’s by drawing storyboards or grabbing a video camera and making some short movies, try your hand at the things you noted in the works of others, then watch and analyze with your friends just like you did with the source material. Sometimes even copying a series of shots from something you like can teach you a lot as well. The storyboards for the rest of the animation are available in the production files portion of the project archive in the “story” folder. Suggested Tools Many artists prefer to prepare storyboards in “real life,” as opposed to digitally.

Adding a second click to the previous command will select all strips to the right or left of the directly selected one. This allows you to quickly and easily select and move entire blocks of strips at once, say, to make room for an additional strip. • Alt right mouse button on strip. Holding down the Alt key while selecting a strip selects the strip plus any strips that border it immediately on the left and right. The interior handles are directly selected, allowing you to move the center strip back and forth while the outermost handles remain in place.

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