British Folk Tales and Legends: A Sampler (Routledge by Katharine Briggs PDF

By Katharine Briggs

ISBN-10: 0415286026

ISBN-13: 9780415286022

In 1970 Katharine Briggs released in 4 volumes the enormous and authoritative Dictionary of British Folktales and Legends to large acclaim. This sampler contains the superior of these stories and legends. accumulated within, readers will locate an extravagance of gorgeous princesses and stout reliable boys, sour-faced witches and kings with hearts of gold. each one story is a masterpiece of storytelling, from the hilarious 'Three Sillies' to the delightfully macabre 'Sammle's Ghost'.

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Then he took the strap from round the dog’s neck, and tied a piece of string round it instead, and walked away. As soon as he was out of the town, there was his son beside him, for he had been the strap. They went on to another town, and the son turned himself into a grand stallion horse, but he warned his father not to sell the bridle with him, whatever he did. The knights and nobles came round him as before, for no such horse had ever been seen in those parts; but he would not sell him to anyone till the King of the Black Art and his two sons came, and he asked a thousand pounds from him.

And ever since then the Moon has shone her best over the boglands, for she knows all the evil things that are hid there and she remembers how the Car men went out to look for her when she was dead and buried. Mrs Balfour, “Legends of the Cars”, Folk-Lore, . An unusual mythological theme. The plot corresponds to an Indian motif, . 754. . ; it is uncommon in European folk-tales. THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS There was once a farmer living in a wild part of the country, where strangers seldom came. His wife was very beautiful and a good wife to him, and her husband loved her so fondly and so jealously that he could hardly bear another man to set eyes on her.

He had a private interview with Herla, in which he spoke as follows: “I am lord over many kings and princes, over a vast and innumerable people. I am their willing messenger to you, although to you I am unknown. Yet I rejoice in the fame which has raised you above other kings, for you are of all men the best, and also closely connected with me both by position and blood. You are worthy of the honour of adorning your marriage with my presence as guest, for the King of France has given you his daughter, and indeed the embassy is arriving here to-day, although all the arrangements have been made without your knowledge.

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