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By Peter Inker

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In fifty two B.C. at Alesia in what's now Burgundy in France Julius Caesar pulled off one of many nice feats of Roman hands. His seriously outnumbered military completely defeated the mixed forces of the Gallic tribes led via Vercingetorix and accomplished the Roman conquest of Gaul. The Alesia crusade, and the epic siege during which it culminated, was once one in every of Caesar 's most interesting army achievements, and it has involved historians ever given that.

In this, the 1st full-length examine to be released lately, Peter Inker reconstructs the conflict in photo element, combining historical and smooth assets and facts derived from archaeological study. He questions universal assumptions in regards to the crusade, reassesses Caesar's personal account of occasions, and appears back at features of the conflict which were debated or misunderstood. His gripping account supplies new perception into Caesar the commander and into the Roman military he commanded.

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He allowed the recruitment of proletarii, the landless citizens of Rome, making the class-based system redundant. The state had for some time been supplying equipment to the army and so standardization was already occurring. Hence by Marius’ time, the army was equipped fairly uniformly and the complex strata exhibited in the previous system was removed. Thus Marius was unwittingly responsible for homogenizing both the equipment and structure of the legions, by allowing the process to become formalized.

The Alesia Campaign seems to be the prime example of this. After splitting his forces and overstretching himself in central Gaul, Caesar was forced to withdraw to The Province. After being ambushed on the journey, Caesar’s genius was his ability to extract his army from this dire situation to his own benefit by turning the tables on Vercingetorix. Like all wars, Alesia was a contest of wills, and as Pyrrus and Hannibal had already found out, one could defeat individual Roman armies, but their tenacity meant that they would fight on until they ultimately won.

It is likely, therefore, that pila were thrown at the Gauls before they entered the defences of the circumvallation and contravallation at Alesia. The equipment available for use by the legionary was extensive and the legionary himself carried much of it. The requirement that legionaries carry all their equipment is attributed to Marius: hence the term ‘Marius’ mules’, although the likelihood is that this is a misattribution. The soldiers had always been required to carry their equipment, a regulation that was regularly flouted.

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