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In fifty two B.C. at Alesia in what's now Burgundy in France Julius Caesar pulled off one of many nice feats of Roman fingers. His seriously outnumbered military totally defeated the mixed forces of the Gallic tribes led through Vercingetorix and accomplished the Roman conquest of Gaul. The Alesia crusade, and the epic siege during which it culminated, used to be considered one of Caesar s most interesting army achievements, and it has interested historians ever considering the fact that.

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Therefore in this book the term Gallic will be used rather than Celtic, as it reflects the modern reference to the peoples specifically of France. Where ‘Celtic’ is used it will refer to the wider La Tène cultural group that lived on the borders of the non-Roman world of Western Europe. Roman Motivations Romans established connections with Gaul over a century before Caesar’s invasion, both economic and political, and particularly with the Aedui tribe. The Gauls saw Roman goods as exotic and precious; in fact Gallic money even came to imitate Mediterranean forms.

Nevertheless, their appearance was different enough for one soldier to comment that soldiers in the distance were not Roman because of their ‘Gallic weapons and crests’. The Romans’ equipment wasn’t the only thing that was different from the Gauls; their fighting techniques varied too. After throwing their pila, the legionaries would engage the enemy adopting a crouching stance and using a juxtaposition of punches with the shield boss and stabs with a sword. It is evident from sculptural and archaeological evidence that the majority of Roman legionaries were equipped to fight in this style, with heavy armour and equipment.

Peter A. Inker 2007 Gallic shield boss with wings from Alesia (scale 1:4). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Gallic helmet from Alesia with reconstructed cheek guards (scale 1:5). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Gallic spearheads from Alesia (scale 1:4). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Gallic spearheads from Alesia (scale 1:3). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Gallic infantryman. © Peter A. Inker 2007 Roman cavalryman. © Peter A. Inker 2007 The Oze valley looking west to Mont Réa and showing the location of Camp D. The Plain of Grésigny is in the foreground.

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