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reason for delaying its examine has to do with the query of mathematical adulthood. * no need is made right here of trigonometric, logarithmic, or expo­ nential capabilities other than in occasional not obligatory fabric indicating how such services could be dealt with. A perceptive comment made via George P6lya indicates how we will be able to concurrently research arithmetic and research "about" mathematics-i.e., concerning the nature of arithmetic and the way it really is constructed: If the training of arithmetic displays to any measure the discovery of arithmetic, it should have a spot for guessing, for believable inference. The reader will locate lots of chance right here for guessing. The early chapters move at a steady velocity and invite the reader to go into into the spirit of the research. workouts asking the reader to "make a wager" may be taken during this spirit-as easily a call for participation to take a position approximately what's the most probably fact in a given state of affairs with no feeling any strain to wager "correctly". Readers will quickly detect topic approximately which they're requested to wager will probably be a subject matter of significant dialogue later on.

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What does this have to do with Four? ) (c) Ten was a sacred number to the pythagoreans but, perhaps surprisingly, not because we have ten fingers. Ten symbolized the cosmos-the Greek name Pythagoras gave to the universe. In what way is this symbolism appropriate? Hint. 5) shows Ten = One + Two + Three + Four. Cd) Pythagoras preached that human beings have a psyche-a "soul"-that is reborn in another body upon the death of the body in which it resides. Metempsychosis is the Greek word for such a passing.

14 1. Tokens from the Gods In Example 2, the problem of finding the biggest possible area was seen to be the same as another problem, that of finding the largest number in the range of possible areas. To answer the question raised in Example 2, we need to find the largest number in the range of g, where g is the function whose rule of correspondence and whose domain are specified succinctly by writing 1 g(s) = 600s - 2S2, 0 < s < 1200. We shall find this number later, using calculus. In our discussion of Examples 1 and 2, we have seen the first step in how to handle optimization problems.

Some algebraic equations determine functions and some do not. Consider the algebraic equation x2 + y2 = l. (a) Is (0,1) on the graph of this equation? (b) Is (0, -1) on the graph of this equation? (c) Does the algebraic equation x2 + y2 = 1 determine a function? 8. Does the algebraic equation y = its domain? VI - x2 determine a function? If so, what is 9. One way to specify a function is to draw the curve it determines. For each of the curves below, specify the domain and the range. Specify either by draw- 28 1.

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