Chicken Little: the inside story : a Jungian romance by Daryl Sharp PDF

By Daryl Sharp

ISBN-10: 0919123627

ISBN-13: 9780919123625

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Rachel had prepared a plate of mixed cheese and biscuits, with olives, sweet radish and dill pickles on the side, garnished with parsley. Arnold was due any minute. I lit the fire. Rachel talked about the meeting with her agent, at which they had worked out details for her next show. I told her where I was in my book, well, as much as I thought I could risk; it was still pretty fragile. Sunny lay at our feet with ears perked, looking from one to the other. D. in us. Rachel worked on a sketch. I finished off a crossword puzzle and then fidgeted.

I cleaned up the mailing list and culled the files. I raked the leaves and canned beets. I made long lists of things to do when I felt like it. I walked Sunny and watched old movies on television. I kept my own counsel and slept a lot. Brillig's fax, late on a Monday afternoon, woke me up. My apprehension grew as it rolled slowly out. Dear Friend (if I may be so bold), My heart leaped at your reply. Nothing could have made me happier! I shall be arriving late Friday afternoon. I would be obliged if you would arrange accommodation.

Only after considerable time with him was I able to flesh out the early gaps and later years. Interested readers will find a comprehensive dossier in The Compleat Brillig (in preparation). m. Friday. The fireplace was laid and the dining room table was set; Rachel had adorned it with imported lilies and daffodils. Five candlesticks were ready in their Mexican brass holders. My prime rib, glazed with mustard and honey and heavily laced with garlic, was on low heat, dripping its juice onto roast potatoes, button onions and carrots.

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