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To time of Sargon and I. "* •^'"2'' she called is "a """^'^ epithet nin-en of Nina To ! , Gudea Eridu. calls her: K AL-LA ^""g'"- of the zu-ab, i. " ^For references see E. B. H. Index, gods, ^See E. B. H. ^ — but always after Nina ' i- 'li^gi'KAL nin-en nin-me (hence also a brother In the old Babylonian texts Nina. ^ child of NUN-""',"^ nin The EN-KI daughter of Dumu-zi-zu-ab) was Dec. 4 B-. p. 442, sub. col. IV. 3. D. p. 298. *Thus we ought to number and not as it was done in E. B. H. pp. 287 and 306 (List of months, the first two columns).

Ac12. cording to my transcription which I made from Price's text, there seem to be menWhere is the seventh ? The six mentioned are the following tioned only 6 sons. ® (1. 1. 4-10): 4.

8''^ von Haus aus dieselbe Gottin to the public the show what nonsense they to do not possess Jensen's Kosmologie, nor is it accessible to me, hence do not know what arguments Jensen adduces to disprove Hommel. But arguments are not necessary above-gw&u "reasons" every ; man see instantly that they are nonsensical. Wer " so einen All seven of "reasons" Anu, Bel, Ea, which son of Bel, as ^ingir ga-u B. Col. VIII. " upon the sequence are built prove for him that must have been the wife The only passage And of sufifices schliesslich genommen of ^'"S''' of Bel, Ea was GUR he the fol- and thus the !

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