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This publication demands a reappraisal of liberalism in diplomacy thought. in response to the 1st complete research of the information on diplomacy by means of David Hume, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and a brand new standpoint on Adam Smith and diplomacy, the research exhibits that classical liberalism differs considerably from different kinds of liberalism, specifically by way of the appreciation of the function of energy in global politics.

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134 These rules were important expressions of the classical liberal view toward state action, even when no “golden rule” had been discovered to limit state action. His relatively extended list of allowable state tasks, such as the provision of a minimal form of social security, education, and urban planning,135 left considerable room for government involvement in the life of individuals. 136 While he was sometimes criticized for that by stricter classical liberals and libertarians alike, it is clear that he What Is Classical Liberalism?

Liberty was the “perfection of civil society” and Hume supported such classical liberal positions as personal security under the law, the freedoms of private property and contract, religious belief, and intellectual inquiry and expression. 51 At the center of Smith’s thought was the conviction that man has several natural rights to liberty. The most sacred laws of justice were those that protect life and person, property and possession. The personal rights of an individual52 should protect him from physical injury and give him freedom What Is Classical Liberalism?

116 Particularly interesting for IR scholars are the differences between state and nation. Two men are of the same nation if they share the same culture, where culture means a system of ideas and signs and associations and ways of behaving and communicating; and if they recognize each other as belonging to the same nation. 117 Three criteria may be added: the attachment to a clearly demarcated territory, possession of a common past, and a claim to the right of self-rule. State and nation do not often coincide, which sometimes leads to nationalism, the political movement to create a state for a 32 ● Classical Liberalism and IR Theory nation.

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