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By Danielle Girard

Cold Silence has the entire makings of a compelling revenge drama-a husband killed via the Russian mob, a son abducted, ostensibly by way of a similar humans; and a tenacious mom who's prepared to do something to retrieve her son. regrettably, Danielle Girard (Chasing Darkness) attempts to sew her tale including extra plot threads than she will be able to deal with. Former FBI agent Cody O'Brien and her son, Ryan, were at the run ever given that her husband's homicide. Now dwelling in northern California, the 2 try to maintain to themselves. but if Ryan is abducted, Cody grudgingly accepts aid from her neighbor, retired Marine colonel Walter Turner. An unforeseen plot improvement provides confusion and complexity, yet by the point readers achieve the long-winded and never so tidy answer, they'll want Girard had opted for a easier plot.

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Charles shrugged. ” “Does Mr. ” James drew a face on the window, right where his breath had made a spot. He tended to trust the 8677-Carter Beats the Devil 8/21/01 2:31 PM Page 46 46 g l e n dav i d g o l d world and had never noticed, when they played outside, the way Jenks loomed at the periphery of the garden, blotting out the sun. ” “I think he knows,” James said. ” “Daddy and I go over the accounts sometimes,” James said. Charles and Mr. Carter had never gone over the accounts. He didn’t even know what the accounts were.

At the rear of the house, by the kitchen and the pantry, was the dark and formal dining room, where Charles would push under the curtains, and surface on the other side, his breath making half-dollar-sized clouds on the window, to watch the wild back garden and listen for the faint wheeze of an accordion. The Carters’ garden was a menacing place, with vines and nettles and bushes that were more thorn than rose. But still Charles would have played there were it not for their gardener, the deformed and hostile Mr.

Biting at his knuckle, he looked up just as Charles frowned and looked down at him. They both knew how long they could carry on before someone, somewhere, hushed them. That time had passed. James removed his finger from his mouth. “Cook! ” And he bolted past Charles, to the stairs. But there was no one in the kitchen, or the pantry, or even in Cook’s ready room, where she always sat and read while her stews simmered. In the parlor, they found a note from Cook, printed in her block lettering. She and Patsy had gone to a very important revival meeting and picnic just across the bay, and would be back before dark.

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