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Conservatism in situation? examines the unique positive aspects of British and American conservative writings on executive and society within the post-Cold battle period. regardless of Conservative's victories over their socialist competitors, this has now not resulted in the uncontested dominance in their principles. via taking a look at the demanding situations Conservatives face from such state-of-the-art rivals as multiculturalists and environmentalists, Bruce Pilbeam examines the chance that conservatism is exhausted as an ideology of up to date relevance.

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The argument of this chapter is that the perspectives of present-day conservatives can only be understood by reference to this context, not merely inferred from general principles. What will also be shown is that the tensions that exist within conservatism regarding the state’s legitimate roles cannot simply be reduced to differences between ‘types’ of conservative, but reflect strains within conservative agendas as a whole. Even so, as a starting point, it is worth beginning with a general overview of conservative attitudes towards the state.

By contrast, collectivists are more concerned with the preservation of communal values and institutions. This perspective is most common within traditionalist conservative writings. For example, Nisbet and Scruton both emphasize the promotion of authority as a central component of conservative philosophy (Nisbet, 1986, pp. 34–41; Scruton, 2001b, pp. 17–37), with any concern for freedom very much subordinate to the priority of preserving order. If individualists take relatively optimistic views of individuals’ reasoning capacities, such conservatives possess more sceptical attitudes towards human nature, with strong sources of authority deemed necessary to rein in man’s destructive passions.

76–8). As later chapters will show, these types of criticism are common among critics such as communitarians and environmentalists. Yet while the questioning of free-market beliefs is hardly a new phenomenon, what may be difficult to understand today is its widespread nature. Whereas, for example, in the 1930s and 1940s the realities of slump and the seeming success of economic management made free-market doctrines appear less than credible over the course of the 1990s the American and British economies performed relatively well, if unevenly, as Fukuyama for one acknowledges (Fukuyama, 2002).

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