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2 Some in-vivo imaging pro:cedures Source: Rosenzweig et a/. (1996: 66). Reprinted with permission from Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA. Notes: The proced ures (left) and images obta ined (right) from t hree important brai n- imagi ng techn iques. (a) (b) (c) 32 A ( T scan of a patient with Alzheimer's Disease. Note t he 'sh run ken' appearance of the brai n, and wider sulci . (Courtesy of Bruce Moore, University of liverpool) A coro nal sect ion MRI scan . Note the clearl y discern ible ve ntricles and gyri..

Yet doser inspection reveals many subtJe differences in structure. Behavioural studies suggest differences in function too. The study of lateralisation is the study of the distinct patterns of psychological functioning seen in the two hemispheres. Hemispheric specialisation is also sometimes known as asymmetry of function because of the different (asymmetric) responsibilities that psychologists have observed. In this chapter. we consider the various ways that scientists have examined this asymmetry, and the conclusions that they have drawn from their research.

1972) flashed images made up of pairs of half-faces to his patients. again using a tachistoscope. rised half the face of a girl on the left side, and half the face of an elderly man to the right. The fixation point was exactly on the joint at the bridge of the nose. e. complete) picture of the man. We might have predicted tbis because this half itnage went to the left/talking hemisphere. he picture of the girl (\vruch had gone to their right hemisphere). This observation has been used as evidence for the special dominant role of the right hemisphere in face recognition.

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