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By Kirupa Chinnathambi

Youll achieve an exceptional technical figuring out of ways to create remarkable animations utilizing CSS and enforce universal UI styles, utilizing functional examples that depend upon animations to resolve a center challenge. Frontend net builders and architects simply will research vital technical information, but in addition easy methods to practice them to unravel real-world difficulties.

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Follow through refers to an animation technique where things don’t stop animating suddenly. They exceed their final target slightly before snapping back into place. This useful technique is something that can only be done by going beyond the 0% and 100% range. Cubic Bezier Curve! So far, we’ve looked at timing functions in a very general, imprecise sense. As part of learning about them, such hand waving is acceptable. Now that we are getting close to actually using timing functions, we need to get a little bit more precise.

Making Sense of Timing Functions | 29 Our example is going to be pretty simple. What we have is an element whose opacity property value linearly changed from 1 to 0 over a period of 2 seconds with a linear ease applied. This could either be an animation or a transition - it really doesn’t mat‐ ter. A chart of this example where we plot the opacity value and duration would look as follows: Figure 4-4. A chart of the opacity property’s value over a period of time From looking at this chart, it is pretty easy to figure out what the value of your opac‐ ity property would be at any given point during the 2 second animation.

Of course, like all claims on performance benefits or pitfalls, you should see if it is applicable to your scenario before taking my word for it though. With animations, you have the ability to specify properties at a whim in each key‐ frame without having to do anything that even closely resembles declaring them: @keyframes imageSlide { 0% { left: -150px; } 20% { left: 50px; height: 200px; } 80% { left: 200px; height: 300px; } 100% { left: 600px; background-color: #FFFFFF; } } In this example, the height and background-color properties of whatever element I am animating will smoothly transition - even if the property was never listed before!

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