Brian Henderson, Ralph H. Bartram's Crystal field engineering of solid state laser materials PDF

By Brian Henderson, Ralph H. Bartram

ISBN-10: 0521018013

ISBN-13: 9780521018012

This e-book examines the underlying technological know-how and layout of laser fabrics. It emphasizes the foundations of crystal-field engineering and discusses the elemental actual innovations that be certain laser achieve and nonlinear frequency conversion in optical crystals. Henderson and Bartram enhance the predictive features of crystal-field engineering to teach how amendment of the symmetry and composition of optical facilities can increase laser functionality. additionally they speak about purposes of the rules of crystal-field engineering to a number of optical crystals relating to the performances of laser units. This ebook might be of substantial curiosity to actual, chemical and fabric scientists and to engineers enthusiastic about the technology and know-how of stable country lasers.

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